episode six: westlake knits

welcome to the sixth episode of from field to skin! we conclude the inaugural forage collection with my evening at westlake knits' toronto studio. i'm hoping to dig a little deeper into different fibresheds by profiling multiple players within them and use their fibres for an accompanying design collection, and we're starting off with upper canada fibreshed. i had the privilege of visiting their region in ontario back in may to teach a 100 mile natural dyeing workshop at elora centre for the arts, and conduct in-person interviews with three members of their fibreshed - laura of twin oaks farm, romy of circle r livestock, and kerri of westlake knits

my chat with kerri was the first recorded interview i've done with a fellow natural dyer for this series, and it is predictably nerdy and wonderful as a result. kerri and i have very similar journeys into natural dyeing and the fibreshed world, so our conversation flowed easily with much laughter (and thankfully surprisingly little background noise considering we were in the heart of toronto). i hope you love our conversation as much as i did!

mentioned in this episode: upper canada fibreshed

from field to skin patterns using westlake knits yarn: