episode nine: mini mills

welcome to the ninth episode of from field to skin! this episode follows on the heels of our eighth episode of developing an all-natural sock yarn with the help of long way homestead, and actually goes into the process of operating a mini mill. the episode opens with an interview with belfast mini mills, a canadian-based company that supplies mini mills all over the world, and features behind-the-scenes footage of mill equipment in use at fleece & harmony and long way homestead. the majority of the footage was shot on unneeded mi’kmaq territory in rural prince edward island, with the long way homestead clips shot on treaty one territory in eastern manitoba.

you can get a look at the specific pieces of equipment here on belfast mini mills’ website. if you’d like to enquire about starting your own mini mill operation, please contact richard.

mentioned in this episode: álafoss; belfast mini millsfleece & harmony; long way homesteaduppspuni mini mill

from field to skin patterns using yarn spun at mini mills:

ash albergyarn, mill