episode four: twin oaks farm

welcome to the fourth episode of from field to skin! i'm so excited to come back from hiatus to share the launch of the inaugural forage collection with you. i'm hoping to dig a little deeper into different fibresheds by profiling multiple players within them and use their fibres for an accompanying design collection, and we're starting off with upper canada fibreshed. i had the privilege of visiting their region in ontario back in may to teach a 100 mile natural dyeing workshop at elora centre for the arts, and conduct in-person interviews with three members of their fibreshed - laura of twin oaks farm, romy of circle r livestock, and kerri of westlake knits

laura runs a farm with her husband just outside of guelph, and among their many incredible animals, they have a flock of fibre sheep - romney, bfl, and even some rambouillet in the mix. after taking jamie the black sheep out into the back pasture and saying goodbye to our photographer, jess, and upper canada fibreshed's fearless leader, becky, and her family, laura and i sat down for our chat over tea and cake. it was wonderful, and i can't wait to go back for another visit (hopefully longer next time!). if you're looking for a good natural sock yarn, i can't recommend laura's 70% romney/30% mohair blend enough. i have another skein caked up and waiting impatiently for my needles! 

mentioned in this episode: briggs & littlecircle r livestock; ferme fiola farmfleece & harmonylismore sheep farmlong way homesteadmanitoba fibre festival; upper canada fibreshed; wellington fibres

from field to skin patterns using twin oaks farm yarn: